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Home to Margrave Boston Terriers and Margrave Rottweilers

Breeding Programs

I have had success in my breeding program because I select dogs with excellent temperaments that are within the AKC Standard for Conformation and have passed their health exams.

I use Board Certified Veterinary Opthamologists and Cardiologists for eye and heart exams and our highly qualified Veterinarians for the OFA exams and x-rays for patella, hips and elbows. We have used the Animal Health Foundation for DNA testing for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts. Test results and corresponding numbers are posted on each dog’s page.

Only one or two litters a year are produced, to enable me to spend time with each puppy to evaluate temperament and adequately train and socialize each puppy. The average size of a Boston Terrier litter is 3 puppies.

During the first few weeks of life I give my Boston Terrier and Rottweiler puppies the experiences they need to build their confidence. Their confident attitude enables them to transition to their homes easily.

  • Puppies are handled with utmost care from birth. They become accustomed to the hands and voices of their human companions. Gradually they are exposed to the noise and bustle of a busy household.
  • I gradually introduce puppies to the great outdoors when the weather permits, taking them on the trails where they really learn how to use their bodies in a natural way.
  • Prospective families visit the puppies regularly and watch as the pups mature.
  • When a puppy goes on to it’s new home, he or she knows it’s name, comes when called and is capable of walking with humans without getting underfoot. By then, they sleep alone quietly in their crates and are potty trained to my house.
  • They are ready to begin participation in further training with their families.
  • Every puppy goes home with a vocabulary of at least a dozen word that match certain actions learned during their stay here with me.

The foundation has been laid to ease transition to new home and family.