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Home to Margrave Boston Terriers and Margrave Rottweilers

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Boston Terrier and Rottweiler Info on the Web

Our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. The AKC site provides information on our breeds, about rules and regulations applying to all sanctioned events as well as guidelines for participation.

Boston Terrier Sites

The Boston Terrier Club of America, established in 1891, is dedicated to the betterment and preservation of America’s breed, the Boston Terrier. The BTCA is an AKC member club and is recognized as the Parent Club for Boston Terriers.

The Boston Terrier Club of Connecticut, Inc a New England based regional Boston Terrier Club to which I belong.

The Minuteman Boston Terrier Club is a Massachussets based Club I am a member of.

Rottweiler Sites

The American Rottweiler Club is an AKC Member club recognized as the National Parent Club for Rottweilers. It is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Rottweiler breed and to education for responsible Rottweiler ownership.

There are a number of regional breed specific clubs, one I belong to is The Colonial Rottweiler Club.  The Colonial Rottweiler Club was the first Rottweiler breed club in the United States; it was founded in 1956.