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Home to Margrave Boston Terriers and Margrave Rottweilers

Boston Terriers

An All American Dog

The Boston Terrier holds the distinction of being the first truly American breed.

Originating in Boston, Massachusetts during the mid 19th century it was the Irish carriage drivers who bred the original purebred English Bulldog and a now extinct White Terrier together to create a mid-size fighting dog. That aspect of the breed was bred out and the dog evolved in to the smaller, loyal and loving companion we know today.

The breed became the darling of the Boston upper class when it’s alert manner, sweet personality and distinctive “Tuxedo” markings caught the eye of some prominent Bostonians in the late 1800’s.

Working diligently these gentleman formed a club and petitioned the American Kennel Club for recognition of their unique breed. It was an “uphill” battle for a while as the breed was first called the “Round Headed Bulldog” much to the consternation of Bulldog breeders. After much discussion and many name changes the breed became the Boston Terrier and was accepted into the AKC in 1893.

The Boston Terrier has always been in the Top 25 favorite breeds of the American Kennel Club and for many years was the top entry at the most prestigious shows.


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